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Everything you need to run an online business

Fuel your business's success with Plugo. The simplest website, omnichannel, and point-of-sale solutions that designed for seamless growth.

plugo merupakan platform jualan online yang kamu butuhkan untuk mengembangkan bisnis

Supercharge your online business in one go

buat website toko online dan bangun branding mu sendiri menggunakan template menarik atau custom sendiri di plugostore

Build your own storefront in minutes

A customized, ready-to-use website with an order management system, payment gateway, and logistic integrations to help with order processing.


Explore an extensive selection of premium e-commerce website templates. These responsive themes can power your online stores across various devices.

Sell wherever your customers are, and manage everything from one place

Save time, cost, and power by centralizing all your sales channel operations in Plugo. Our omnichannel feature integrates with the nation's biggest marketplaces, including Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, and more to come.

mudah kelola orderan dari berbagai platform marketplace dan website hanya lewat plugosync
tampilan plugopos di ponsel

Record in-store sales and accept payments right on the spot 

Easily manage offline transactions, inventory, and employees; engage customers and increase sales with our point-of-sale system. Integrate PlugoPOS and PlugoStore for a unified view of your in-store and online sales, data, and insights. 


PlugoPOS works with all devices—no installation required.

Run targeted ads straight from your dashboard

Running paid campaigns is now easier than ever. Launch, optimize, and monitor your campaigns directly from your Plugo dashboard, and pay with PlugoCoins. No credit card required.


View advanced campaign metrics to analyze the revenue and ROI generated by your campaigns.

plugo telah bermitra dengan meta
buat iklan digital di facebook instagram google hingga tiktok dengan plugoads untuk memasarkan produkmu

One link to all of your customers' preferred channels

PlugoLinks, our link-in-bio feature, allows you to create a custom page with important links to share with your customers and audience.

link in bio untuk website jualan hingga marketplace di plugolinks

Trusted by leading local brands

plugo telah digunakan oleh gonegani
plugo telah digunakan oleh haidee orlin
plugo telah digunakan oleh cottonary
plugo telah digunakan oleh yupi
plugo telah digunakan oleh salsa livefit
plugo telah digunakan oleh broth mama
plugo telah digunakan oleh greenism
plugo telah digunakan oleh jilbrave
plugo telah digunakan oleh kalani label
plugo telah digunakan oleh merche

As featured in

plugo telah diliput oleh tech crunch
plugo telah diliput oleh deal street asia
plugo telah diliput oleh the business times
plugo telah diliput oleh tech in asia
plugo telah diliput oleh media indonesia
plugo telah diliput oleh investor id
plugo telah diliput oleh dailysocial id
plugo telah diliput oleh dinsights

Ready to start your e-commerce journey with Plugo?

Whether you just started your business or are looking for the next evolution in your company, you can start using Plugo for free today!

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