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More channels,
more sales,
one platform

pemilik bisnis tersenyum karena kelola banyak kanal penjualan mudah dengan plugosync
tampilan fitur kelola pesanan di plugosync

Multiple sales channel management made easy

  • Streamline all sales channel operations with a centralized omnichannel system

  • Monitor orders effortlessly with an integrated dashboard

  • Fulfill orders anytime, anywhere, hassle-free

  • Pricing as low as Rp50/order

Save time, cost, and power
with PlugoSync omnichannel

Unlimited SKUs

Import unlimited product SKUs from multiple sales channels.

Multiple store integrations

Connect up to 15 marketplaces, online store websites, social commerce, and more.

Auto stock syncronizations

Real-time automatic stock sync with an alert feature.

✔️  Product management

Import, create, and publish to all sales channels at once. Centralize your inventories in one place.

✔️  Order management

From taking orders, arranging shipments, and printing labels, to tracking shipments, all through PlugoSync.

✔️  Sales reports

Analyze data and reports for all your sales channels right on PlugoSync.

✔️  Unlimited staff accounts

Add staffs to help manage your store, such as adding products and managing orders.

✔️  Warehouse management

Connect and centralize multiple warehouse locations and inventories.

Grow your online business with PlugoSync

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