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Manage online and in-store transactions with ease

Transition between online and brick-and-mortar effortlessly. PlugoPOS lets you offer seamless shopping experiences, bridging the digital and physical worlds for your customers.

Store interiors
tampilan aplikasi pos dari plugopos

Run your POS from any device

  • Turn any device into a robust POS; smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • Save on costs—use your existing devices instead of investing in new hardware.

  • Get started quickly with our user-friendly interface.

Sell anywhere, anytime

  • ​Perfect for pop-up shops, bazaars, and other on-the-go selling opportunities.

  • Stay updated with real-time sales tracking.

fitur di plugopos lengkap dengan scan barcode, data produk, dan data penjualan
stok produk bisa dilihat langsung lewat plugopos

Integrated shopping experience

  • Consistent shopping, online or off.

  • Updated stock levels everywhere.

  • Supports QRIS and multiple other payment options.

Watch Fox and Bunny thrive online and in-store with PlugoPOS

Make selling simple. Experience PlugoPOS now!

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