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Manage all sales from every marketplace, all in one place!

We offer you tailored solutions to streamline operations, diversify traffic, and cut costs. Unleash your potential with us!

sistem omnichannel plugo mempermudah kelola toko online

Why do marketplace sellers need plugo?

fitur kelola stok dari berbagai saluran penjualan di plugosync

Difficulties with stock syncing?

PlugoSync keeps your inventory up-to-date across various marketplaces, ensuring accurate stock levels based on each platform's sales activity.

Need easier catalog publishing?

PlugoSync allows you to effortlessly upload and update your product catalog across all channels, ensuring consistency and saving time.

unggah dan perbarui katalog produk jualan mudah dengan plugosync
ubah toko online marketplace menjadi website

Exploring additional platforms?

Marketplaces are great for exposure, but direct sales channels can optimize returns.


With PlugoStore, turn marketplace sales into website transactions, benefit from lower admin fees, and gain deeper customer insights.

Ready to upgrade your selling experience? Unlock the benefits of Plugo!

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