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For everyone selling offline: from stores to bazaars!

With Plugo, seamlessly transition from offline events and stores to the digital space, ensuring your brand always reaches its audience.

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Why do offline sellers need Plugo?

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Going beyond just in-store sales?

Whether you're at a bazaar, pop-up event, or your usual store, PlugoPOS has you covered. Handle on-the-spot sales with no extra hardware needed – no printers, barcode scanners, or tablets.


Just grab your mobile phone, and you're ready.

Ready to start selling online quickly?

With PlugoStore, you can build your own e-commerce website and start selling online within minutes.


Extend the charm of your physical store to a broader audience seamlessly.

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kelola stok toko offline dan online dengan cepat

Want streamlined stock management?

Managing stock for your physical store and online platforms can become a hassle.


With the combination of PlugoPOS and PlugoSync, you get a centralized system that keeps your website, offline sales, and even marketplace inventories updated in harmony. Everything is in sync, every time.

Eager to reach new heights?
Join Plugo and explore the possibilities today!

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