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Make your brand shine brighter! ✨

We’re here to help your brand look its best and reach more people. Excited to stand out with Plugo?

buat brand dan tokomu bersinar dengan plugo

Why do social media sellers need Plugo?

plugostore membantu penjual membuat website kustom

Dream of a stunning online brand presence?

You’ve dedicated time and energy to crafting your brand. Let it sparkle online in its unique style and vision.


With PlugoStore and its design editor, you can easily establish and customize your own online platform, ensuring it perfectly reflects your brand and showcases everything you offer.

In search of stress-free operations?

We understand that you need a reliable platform that handles the nitty-gritty, so you can focus on what you love – creating and selling.


With PlugoSync, smoothly manage inventories across all your sales channels, ensuring everything is up-to-date and ready for business.

kelola operasi bisnis dengan santai dengan plugosync
jangkau audiens online dengan fitur beriklan dari plugoads

Eager for more followers and loyal customers?

Building an audience is a challenge, but capturing and converting them into loyal customers is the goal.


Turn your brand into a social media sensation. Using our PlugoAds in PlugoStore, reach the right people, and let them know why they should choose you.

Ready to make your brand shine?
Dive into the world of Plugo!

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